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Ski tours in Maurach | The most impressive 3 tours

Welcome to a journey of discovery into the snowy world of Ski tours in Maurach! Maurach, located on the picturesque shores of Lake Achensee, serves as a gateway to some of the most breathtaking ski tours Tyrol has to offer. Surrounded by the majestic backdrop of the Karwendel Mountains, this idyllic place offers ski tourers unparalleled experiences in untouched nature.

Whether you are looking for a gentle introduction to ski touring or if you are an experienced oner adventurerLooking for new challenges, Maurach has something for every taste and every ability.

In this blog post we delve deep into the world of ski touring in Maurach - from secret routes that only locals know to Suggestionshow you can make your tour safe and unforgettable. So pack your skins and skis because we're about to explore the beauty and thrill of ski touring in Maurach.


Why ski tours in Maurach?

Going ski tours in Maurach means embarking on a journey through breathtaking natural landscapes, surrounded by the majestic backdrop of the Karwendel Mountains are framed. In this idyllic corner of Tyrol, located directly on the picturesque Achensee, a world unfolds in which time seems to stand still.

Winter sports enthusiasts will not only find an impressive one here Variety of routes, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced adventurers. It is also the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the silence and untouched beauty of nature that makes Maurach such a special place for ski tours. Far from the crowded slopes and the noise of the ski lifts, visitors can experience the true essence of winter sports here.

Maurach offers the perfect starting point for ski tours where safety and accessibility are very important. With easily accessible starting points and an infrastructure that makes it easy to move safely in the mountains, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable experience. This little one Paradise offers a holistic winter sports experience that goes far beyond ski touring and leaves every visitor with unforgettable memories.

Our top 3 ski tours in Maurach

Maurach opens up a world of spectacular routes that impress with their natural beauty and challenges in equal measure. Here are three ski tours, which particularly stand out and are an absolute must for enthusiastic ski tourers:

From Maurach to Pertisau

Difficulty level: easy
Duration: 1,5h
Altitude: 60m
Starting point: Seespitz Maurach

Once you have arrived at Seespitz, you have the option of following the lake promenade to the left and walking along the banks of Lake Achensee to Pertisau. Alternatively, you can cross the street at the boat dock and take the panoramic path through the forest. By following the yellow signposts you will reach the valley station of the Karwendel mountain railway. Once you continue to the Langlaufstüberl at the end of Pertisau, you are at the entrance to the Karwendel valleys.

Dalfazer waterfall

Difficulty level: medium 
Duration: 2,5h
Altitude: 730m
Starting point: Rofan cable car

Starting at the valley station of the Rofan cable car, it goes past the Naturhotel Alpenblick to the wooden bridge. Approximately 300 meters to the left of the bridge the path turns right according to the signpost. The Durraalm, which is not managed, can be reached via serpentines. The path leads along the Durrawand over stony terrain to the Dalfaz Alm. From there the path winds in bends down to the Teissalm, also uncultivated. You continue to follow the well-marked route that leads to the viewing platform at the Dalfazer waterfall. It's worth a short stop on the platform to enjoy the view before continuing down the valley. At the foot of the waterfall, the path joins a forest path that leads back to the valley station of the Rofan cable car.


Difficulty level: difficult
Duration: 5h
Altitude: 1.200m
Starting point: Rofan cable car

We orientate ourselves to the right of the valley station and follow a small road along the railway until we come to the hiking trail. The signs direct us in the direction of Erfurter Hütte, our first intermediate destination. The path runs uphill along a stream through the forest. About two thirds of the way to the hut, the path leaves the forest and leads onto the ski slope. From here we go across the meadows until we reach the Erfurter Hütte and the mountain station of the cable car. Now we follow the signposts to the Rofanspitze, marked as path 401. The path leads us across the idyllic meadows of the Mauritzalm, along the right side of the Gschöllkopf. We pass below the Spirljoch and the Roßköpfe. To reach the summit, we keep slightly left and continue climbing the slope until the summit cross finally appears.

The right equipment for ski tours in Maurach

For your ski tours in Maurach, choosing the right equipment is crucial, not only Safety, but also pleasure to guarantee on the tours. First, you should choose touring skis that suit your ability and preferences. The bindings need a walking function to make the climb easier, and the skins are essential for the necessary grip in the snow.

Another important part of your equipment is the Skischuhe. They should be comfortable to handle long tours without problems, but also firm enough to offer good control when descending. A good fit is key here so that you don't have to deal with blisters or pressure points at the end of the day.

In addition to the ski equipment, there is also the right one Clothing important. Multiple layers of breathable, waterproof and windproof clothing allow you to react flexibly to changing weather conditions. A good ski jacket and ski pants, gloves and a hat or helmet should not be missing on any tour.

Don't forget those either safety equipment. An avalanche transceiver (LVS), a shovel and a probe are essential to be able to react quickly in an emergency. It is also advisable to receive regular training in the use of this equipment.

Last but not least, you should always have one sunglasses or have ski goggles and enough sun protection with you to protect your eyes and skin from the intense mountain sun. A small backpack in which you can carry water, snacks and maybe a First aid kit can stow away, completes your equipment. With the right preparation, nothing will stand in the way of your adventure in the mountains of Maurach.

Concluding Remarks

At the end of our adventure into the world of Ski tours in Maurach I would like to encourage you to experience the beauty and challenges of this unique landscape for yourself. Whether you're exploring the quiet majesty of the snow-covered Rofan Mountains or hiking along the picturesque paths of the Karwendel Mountains, Maurach offers unforgettable experiences for every ski tourer.

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