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Ski tours in Tux | The most magnificent 3 tours

Hidden deep in the heart of Tyrol opens the picturesque Tux Valley a world full of untouched snowy landscapes just waiting to be explored. Ski tours in Tux are not just an activity, they are an invitation to experience limitless freedom and the breathtaking beauty of nature in a very personal and incomparable way.

No matter whether you Silence of the mountains If you are looking for something or want to feel the adrenaline in your veins, you will find exactly that when crossing the snowy valleys and steep slopes.

In this blog post we dive together into the fascinating world of Ski tours in Tux , discover the best routes and share tips that will make your trip unforgettable. Pack your skis, a sense of adventure and a pinch of discovery - the Tuxertal is waiting to be discovered by you.


What makes ski tours in Tux so special?

Ski tours in Tux offer you an experience that goes far beyond ordinary skiing. The region is known for its diverse routes through the breathtaking landscapes of the Zillertal Alps lead. Here you will find paths that meander through deep snow-covered forests, lead over glittering glaciers and offer you incomparable views of the surrounding mountain peaks. This diversity makes Tux a paradise for ski tourers of all levels of experience.

Another reason that makes ski tours in Tux so special is the high level of snow security. Thanks to the geographical location and the altitude of many routes Here you can often count on reliable snow conditions from early in winter until well into spring. This means more time on skis and less worry about the conditions.

Additionally, the natural beauty of the region is at the heart of your adventure. As you make your tracks in the untouched snow, you will be surrounded by the silence of the mountains, interrupted only by the crunch of the snow under your skis. The opportunity to experience this pure and undisturbed environment offers a rare opportunity Relaxation and for personal reflection, far away from the hustle and bustle of the ski resorts.

Last but not least is the hospitality in Tux and throughout the Tux Valley. The local population is known for its warm welcome to visitors. Cozy mountain huts and inns not only offer accommodation, but also opportunities to experience the regional culture and cuisine. This combination of excellent ski touring opportunities, natural beauty and local culture makes ski touring in Tux an unforgettable experience.

Our top 3 ski tours in Tux

Choosing the top 3 ski tours in Tux is not easy given the variety and beauty of the routes. But for all those who... ultimate ski touring experience If you are looking for something in this wonderful region, here are three tours that should not be missing from any ski touring guide:

Torsee (2.258m)

Difficulty level: easy to medium
Duration: 4h
Altitude: 500m
Starting point: Lizumer Hut

Starting from the Lizumer Hütte at 2.019 meters, the route initially leads in serpentines up towards Rosskopf, which we partially bypass on the south side. The terrain then becomes flatter for a short distance before climbing steeply to a hill. The terrain then levels out again and only rises slightly to the highest point, the Torjoch at 2.386 meters. The route leads between the Gray Wall and the Torwand to the south of it, through the yoke and then gently down to the picturesque Torseen. The way back takes the same route as the climb.

Grübelspitze (2.395m)

Difficulty level: difficult
Duration: 0,5h
Altitude: 200m
Starting point: Eggalmbahnen mountain station, top drag lift

After taking the top drag lift, the climb to the summit begins, which takes about 30 minutes along the ridge. The descent starts along a wide ridge in a southeasterly direction until you reach the edge of the forest at the Waldhoaralm. Here you follow a forest path for a few hundred meters before the route leads through clearings and finally over large pastures in Juns to the main road. The ski bus that takes skiers back to the parking lot stops on the main road, right next to the cross-country ski trail.

High Riffler (3.228m)

Difficulty level: difficult
Duration: 6h
Altitude: 600m
Starting point: Tuxer Fernerhaus

For the tour to the Frozen Wand Spitze you use the Gletscherbus 1 and Gletscherbus 2 to get to the Tuxer Fernerhaus at 2.660 meters. From there you overcome a small hill and move below the Frozen Wall towards Schwarzbrunnerkees. The climb below the rocky summit structure is often quite steep. You then reach the Federbettkees on the north side of the Riffler and then climb in a gentle right-hand curve over the comparatively flat ridge to the highest point.

The right equipment for ski tours in Tux

For ski tours in Tux, as in any alpine terrain, the right equipment crucial for safety and enjoyment. Well-thought-out equipment not only helps you to withstand the elements, but also to react appropriately in emergencies. Here is a summary of the essential equipment:

Touring skis, bindings and shoes: Special touring skis are lighter than conventional alpine skis and enable more efficient climbing. Matching touring bindings make it possible to release the heel for the climb and fix it for the descent. Touring ski boots offer a good balance of stiffness for downhill skiing and flexibility for comfortable walking.

Skins: Ski touring skins are glued under the skis and enable climbing on snow. They should be tailored precisely to the skis.

Avalanche equipment: This includes an avalanche transceiver (LVS), a shovel and a probe. This equipment is vital to be able to be found quickly in the event of an avalanche burial or to be able to take part in a rescue operation yourself.

Backpack: A backpack with sufficient volume is necessary to transport equipment, food and a change of clothing. Models with an integrated avalanche airbag can provide additional safety.

Clothing: Multiple layers of breathable and waterproof clothing allow you to respond to changing weather conditions. A good combination includes a base layer, an insulation layer and an outer layer.

Safety equipment and first aid: A first aid kit, a bivouac bag and an avalanche beacon are also part of the basic equipment. A headlamp and a GPS device or a map with a compass can help with orientation.

Other: Sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle or hydration system, and snacks for energy should not be missing.

Specific equipment selection may vary depending on the length of the tour, expected weather conditions and personal preferences. It is also advisable to find out about the latest avalanche reports before the tour and, if necessary, take an avalanche course to increase risk awareness.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, Ski tours in Tux offer an incomparable adventure amidst the majestic Alpine landscape. Proper preparation and equipment are your key to a safe and enjoyable experience. These tours are not only a sporting challenge, but also an invitation to embrace the silence and beauty of nature. May your experiences in Tux enrich you with unforgettable views and moments of peace. Stay safe and always remember that nature is unpredictable!

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