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Stillup reservoir

Ideal day trip

In the middle of the majestic Zillertal Alps in Tyrol lies an impressive technological marvel: the Stillup Reservoir. This idyllic body of water surrounded by breathtaking Mountain backdrops, is not only a testament to modern engineering, but also a paradise for Nature lovers and hikers. Numerous hiking trails meander along the lake and lead to the impressive waterfalls and offer unforgettable panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Whether leisurely walks along the shore or challenging mountain tours – the Stillup Reservoir offers the right experience for every hiking lover. Immerse yourself in the fascinating combination of nature and technology and discover one of Tyrol's hidden gems.


Directions to Stillup Reservoir

By Car: The easiest way to reach the reservoir is by car. Stillup Straße begins on the outskirts of Mayrhofen, where Ahornstraße ends. This road, which was originally a forestry road, was upgraded to a paved road with the construction of the reservoir. Although it is mostly quite narrow, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. However, be careful and be considerate of oncoming vehicles.

parking: At the end of the motorable road at Stillup Reservoir you will find a large parking lot. From here you already have an impressive view of the huge waterfall, which is considered one of the main attractions of the valley. The waterfall falls meters high, almost vertically - a real natural spectacle.

Toll fees: Please note that the road from Mayrhofen to the reservoir is operated as a toll road by the electricity supplier Verbund. The toll fee is currently 8 euros for cars and 25 euros for motorcycles (As of June 2022). Trailers and caravans are not allowed on this road.

Public transportation: For those without a car, there is also public transport that runs regularly between Mayrhofen and the reservoir. Find out about schedules and prices in advance.

E-Bike: You can also easily reach the Stillup reservoir in the Zillertal by e-bike. From Mayrhofen it takes about an hour by bike.

Hiking opportunities

The Stillup reservoir is not only an impressive technical structure, but also an ideal starting point for numerous hikes in the picturesque landscape of the Zillertal Alps.

1. Riverside path at Stillup Reservoir: An easy and family-friendly path leads along the banks of the reservoir. You can experience the beauty of the lake up close over a route of around 2,5 kilometers. The path is mostly flat and is also suitable for walkers with strollers or wheelchair users. There are always rest areas along the way with breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

2. Hike to the Falls: A highlight for many visitors are the impressive waterfalls near the reservoir. A well-signposted hiking trail leads you directly to these natural spectacles. The sound of the water and the sight of it falling meters high is an unforgettable experience.

3. High mountain tours: For experienced hikers, the region around Stillup Reservoir also offers more challenging high mountain tours. These routes lead to the higher altitudes of the Zillertal Alps and offer spectacular panoramic views. Equipment and preparation are essential here, as these tours require good fitness and mountain hiking experience.

Tips for hikers

1. Proper Equipment:

  • Invest in good shoes. Hiking shoes with good tread and ankle protection are essential to avoid injuries.
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so multiple layers are recommended.

2. Preparation is key:

  • Find out about the planned route in advance. Maps or a hiking app can be helpful.
  • Check the weather forecast. At higher altitudes, weather conditions can change quickly.
  • In our article we will show you most beautiful cycle paths in the Zillertal.

3. Respect Nature:

  • Stay on the marked trails to protect the flora and fauna.
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind and take any rubbish back into the valley with you.

4. Safety first:

  • Let someone know your planned route and when you plan to return.
  • On longer hikes you should always have a first aid kit with you.
  • Avoid hiking alone, especially on more challenging routes.

5. Pay attention to your condition:

  • Choose a route that suits your fitness and experience.
  • Take regular breaks and listen to your body.

6. Stay Hydrated:

  • Drink enough fluids, especially on warm days. Always take enough water with you.

7. Respect Animals:

  • Keep your distance from wild animals and do not feed them.
  • If hiking with a dog, keep them on a leash, especially in areas with livestock grazing.

By e-bike or bike

The e-bike has revolutionized the world of cycling and now offers the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes with less effort, even in mountainous regions such as the Zillertal Alps. The Stillup Reservoir is an ideal destination for e-bike enthusiasts.

1. Directions to Stillup Reservoir: Start your tour in Mayrhofen and follow Stillup Street. Thanks to the electric drive of your e-bike, you can easily tackle the inclines of the road while enjoying the picturesque landscape. The paved road is well developed and offers a safe journey to the reservoir.

2. Lake shore path: Once you arrive at the reservoir, you can navigate half of the lake. The path there is flat and offers spectacular views of the water, the impressive waterfall and the surrounding mountains. Stop at the viewpoints to take photos or just enjoy the view.

3. Continue to Stilluptal: For the adventurous, the Stilluptal offers other e-bike tours. Follow the paths that lead deeper into the valley and discover hidden waterfalls and picturesque alpine meadows. Thanks to your e-bike, you can also tackle the inclines here without much effort.

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